EMT Preparation Course

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    2. Introduction To EMT Prep

    3. Introduction to EMT Prep Download

    4. EMT Prep Presentation

    5. How To Study

    6. How to Study Download

    7. Tips on "How to study" Presentation

    8. How to Study Quiz

    9. Medical Terminology Download

    10. Introduction To Medical Terminology

    11. Medical Terminology Part 1 Presentation

    12. Medical Terminology Part 2 Presentation

    13. Medical Terminology Quiz

    14. Directions and Topographical Anatomy Download

    15. Introduction to Directions and Topographical Anatomy

    16. Directions and Topographical Anatomy Presentation

    17. Directions and Topographical Anatomy Quiz

    18. Introduction To Organs, Systems, and Physiology

    19. Organs, Systems, and Physiology Slides. Part 1 and 2

    20. Organs, Systems, and Physiology Part 1

    21. Organs, Systems, and Physiology Part 1 Quiz

    22. Organs, Systems, and Physiology Part 2

    23. Organs, Systems, and Physiology Part 2 Quiz

    24. Introduction to the Nervous System Slides

    25. Introduction To the Nervous System

    26. Introduction To Nervous System Part 1 Presentation

    27. Introduction to the Nervous System Part 2 Presentation

    28. Intro to Nervous System Part 1 and 2 Quiz

    29. Intro to the Musculoskeletal System Download

    30. Introduction to the Musculoskeletal System

    31. Intro to the Musculoskeletal System Presentation

    32. Intro to Musculoskeletal System Quiz

    33. Introduction to the Respiratory System Download

    34. Introduction to the Respiratory System

    35. Introduction To The Respiratory System Part 1

    36. Intro to Respiratory System Part 1 Quiz

    37. Introduction To The Respiratory System Part 2

    38. Introduction to Respiratory System Part 2 Quiz

    39. Introduction To The Cardiovascular System

    40. Introduction To The Cardiovascular System Presentation

    41. Introduction to the Cardiovascular System Quiz

    42. Bonus Presentation: Learning to take a Blood Pressure

    43. Bonus Presentation: Learning to assess a pulse.

    44. Introduction to Shock

    45. Bonus Presentation: Introduction to Shock

    46. Careers for EMT's

    47. Succeeding in EMT Class and "Getting the job you want."

About this course

  • $249.00
  • 18 Presentation Videos with Downloadable PowerPoint's
  • Quizzes to test your knowledge
  • 4 Bonus videos


Mike Wilson EMS Educator, EMT, Paramedic (Retired)

EMT Educator, EMT, Retired Paramedic, Owner EMT Education And Training Mike Wilson

Mike Wilson is a former Paramedic, Lifeguard, EMT, and Volunteer Firefighter. He is currently an EMT Educator training students in Southern California through the California Institute of EMT. After well over a decade of field experience, Mike switched his focus to training future EMT's. He has successfully trained thousands of students and currently, well over 90% of his graduates pass the National Registry Exam the first time they take the test. Mike was the Program Director for EMT training at College of Oceaneering, (now sold) LA Unified, and was in charge of the largest EMT training program in the western United States at the time. Mike has also taught EMT's at prestigious institutions like UCLA and he currently teaches EMT's and is in charge of a satellite campus of the California Institute of EMT where he has been training EMT's for many years. In addition, Mike also produces training videos to help EMT's learn and improve their academic knowledge and skills.


  • Will I be an EMT when I finish this course?

    No. This course is designed to prepare you for EMT training. Over 50% of people that begin an EMT course drop the class or don't pass. This course will help you have a much better chance of passing once you take your EMT training.

  • Will this EMT prep course make EMT training easier?

    Absolutely. However, EMT training is still not easy. it will require a lot of your time and effort to pass EMT training if you are attending a high quality program that has a high pass rate on the National Registry exam.

  • What do I do after I take this EMT Prep course?

    Once you finish, you should go enroll in an EMT course and get started. This course will help you build a strong starting foundation of knowledge, and you can continue to use these materials while you are in EMT school. You will have access to these materials for 180 days once you enroll in this EMT Prep Course.

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